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"Eurasia" is an onlineblog focusing on Europe and Asia, including news and comments on business, culture and politics in the largest region of the world.

From Lisbon to Tokyo, Eurasia is a single continent not divided by any geographycal border.

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Fisco e Tasse

"Fisco e Tasse" is an online magazine reporting news and trends within the fiscal field, mainly regarding latest regulations or tax deadlines. The magazine offers both an interactive forum and a special section for blogs.

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Legal Community

Legal Community is an online interactive platform,which links professionals working within the legal industries to each other or to potential clients. The website offers news, blog, forum and opinions from various backgrounds.


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Diritto 24 - Il Sole 24 Ore


Diritto 24 is the web portal of IlSole24Ore, main Italian newspaper  on business, finance and economics. The portal is dedicated to the legal professional world. It retains news, articles and latest trends on business, legal issues and regulations. in 2013 Lorenzo Riccardi launched Osservatorio Diritto Cinese a specific section of the newspaper on Business and legal news from China.


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Corriere Asia

Corriere Asia is an online magazine providing news about Asian emerging markets. The website retains trending news about economical, political and cultural topics, supported by blogs and interviews to successful individuals currently living in Asia. Lorenzo Riccardi cooperate with the magazine as a main contributor and economics editor.


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Cinaforum is an online newspaper providing informations and in-depth analysis about China during our time and about great political and global economic themes. Cinaforum publishes analysis and news, and it is a free discussion place with comments and articles on politics, economy and finance from China


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Mekong is the official news provider of the Association Italy-Vietnam. Since several years,the magazine periodically presents a national and international press review on Vietnam with updates on main socio-economical trends of the country.

Lorenzo Riccardi is columnist and member of the scientific committee.


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Quaderni Vietnamiti


Quaderni Vietnamiti are special monographs focusing on Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia with a sociological and historical approach on South-Eastern Asia. Lorenzo Riccardi is an active contributor and member of the scientific committee.


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