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Investing in China through Free Trade Zones

Lorenzo Riccardi

This book introduces the new China (Shanghai) Free-Trade Zone one year after its launch. It examines in depth the economic, strategic and political effects of Chinese economic and financial reform. The results of the analysis are further clarified by comparing Shanghai with analogous counterparts in Singapore and Hong Kong. China has developed a number of special and free-trade zones but the new Pilot Shanghai FTZ includes all previous privileges promoting the area as perfect hub for the Asia-Pacific region. This work represents a valuable business guide for appraising new opportunities in the most promising sectors for business enterprises in China.

Lorenzo gives regularly seminars, speechs and lectures on international taxation, business negotiations, M&A transactions, individual and corporate tax planning and investments.
The seminars and lectures are mainly held in Shanghai and Suzhou, at Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University, China - Italy Chamber of Commerce, and in other Asian and European cities.
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Lorenzo has published extensively on business and tax law and foreign investments in Asia, being a columnist of Corriere Asia, Fiscalità Estera, Fisco e Tasse, Economy, IlSole24Ore, China Law and Practice and is author of several publications on tax and business in East Asia.
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Publications and articles
Lorenzo is based in Shanghai as Partner of RsA tax advisors.
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