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RICCARDI Candidate for CICC President 

Vote online 11 to 18 April

Lorenzo Riccardi: 20 years in China, MD of RsA Asia, focusing on tax advisory in the Far East. Recognized as an auditor, CPA and Research Fellow at Shanghai University. Lorenzo has held roles in the governance of institutions, and multinational companies, including the largest Italian groups in luxury, food, and mechanical sectors. He has published extensively on China and Asian economies.

Director, treasurer, active member of CICC, and now running for president.

Agenda for CICC

(Focus on every sector, History, Geography, Advocacy, Missions, Business Matching, Study Center, Art of Doing Business, Italy-China Association, EU relations, Asian Network)

Focus on Every Sector

Promote every economic sector of CICC members with dedicated activities to boost key segments of export and direct investment (mechanical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, fashion and design, chemical, automotive, luxury, education, sport, tourism, service, and others)


History of the Italian Chamber in China

Promote the roots and history of the Italian business community in China. The CICC was established in 1991, but in 1902, a group of Italian entrepreneurs founded a promotion committee that led to the creation of an Italian Chamber of Commerce in China over 120 years ago.


Geography of China

The CICC has developed an innovative tool for mapping the presence of Italian companies in the country. It is important to promote and further increase knowledge of new market trends in every province and prefecture.

Advocacy with Italian Institutions

Promote economic agreements for Italian companies regarding mobility, tax treaties, social welfare treaties, and economic support for trade and investments in China and the region.

Advocacy with Chinese Institutions

Promote cooperation with provincial CCPIT and local economic areas to understand and enhance incentives and advantages for Italian investments.


Rome-Beijing Missions

Participate in and promote more business missions between Italy and China to boost economic projects.


Business Matching

Promote business matching events with key Italian and Chinese companies in various industrial parks and economic sectors, in collaboration with local authorities.


Study Center

Establish a Study Center to share periodic economic data and trends on China’s economy with all members.


Art of Doing Business

Foster more interactions between the CICC, the Italian Institutes of Cultures, and various art and cultural projects to showcase the quality behind Italian entrepreneurship.


Italy-China Association

Promote an Italy-China Association to facilitate synergies between the China-Italy Chamber, the Italian Chamber in Hong Kong, and the Italy-China Council Foundation.


Italy-EU-China Relations

Enhance relations between the CICC, the European Chambers, EUCCC, and business collaborations between Italian companies and European companies in China.


Asian Chambers Network

Boost interactions among Italian Chambers in the Far East, including China Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao, India, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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